Christmas Shopping….for SIX children! 2012

Hi everyone,
Well I decided today that Rob and I should go Christmas shopping for the kids. Usually we make several trips to Wenatchee (an hour away) and try to get shopping done..then we have to wrap everything right away because we have nosey kids.
Rob isn’t exactly fun to wrap presents with..LOL. He thinks he needs to have all the cool gadgets and supplies on his side of the room..and I am supposed to wait 30 minutes to wrap my gift until he figures out how to wrap each one of his..this year..I am buying him his own gift wrapping tools..and I get mine..they will be labeled and color coded. I guarantee you …he will find a way to lose his and take mine!

I have to tell you all that I really love my DH and I drag him shopping…he isn’t really a “shopper” ..but when it comes to the kids I think he genuinely likes to shop for them. He likes to really know what they open on Christmas morning…and quite frankly when it comes to the boys ..I would rather him shop for them….cause I am clueless. But I have to honestly say this year was HORRIBLE. I was even at a loss as to what to get the girls. We finally figured it all out. But when your kids already have so much”stuff” it’s hard to shop for them. I am also not one of those parents that buys them a bunch of useless stuff…the only useless stuff they get is in their stockings..candy..little toys…that kind of thing..but our stockings are so huge..LOL. I spend a small fortune in those anyway. SO we decide what the plan is going to be…..what we are going to get each of them…and fill the lay-a-way cart. Then we find out lay-a-way is closed. DANG! LOL. The guy said we could park our cart and come first thing in the morning. Thank goodness.

It’s nice to get it out of the way…not spend hours upon hours shopping and taking trips out of town…just for Christmas shopping. We still have to get for the adults we have to buy for…but I will probably have to do on-line shopping for that. We get to have Christmas at our house this year. YAY! We are rotating between our house and my ex-husband’s house. He got to host last year..and this is our year. He lives two hours away…We decided it was better to spend the holidays together than splitting up the boys….and the other half of my kids. But also because both families get to spend the whole holiday with our kids. I am so thankful for that. When we split them up ..Christmas just wasn’t Christmas….one day while Landon and I were arguing about the rotation..we just decided it needed to change.
Why not? SO we have kind of made our own games and traditions…..I am pretty proud of us. Our kids come first….always. I think all the parents in my situation believe that. tomorrow…I will get kids out the door..then race to wal-mart and get my items on lay-a-way….Darn it! I have never done lay-a-way but I am so glad because it makes me feel like I have it all done and taken care of ..and the items get to hide at the store..rather than in my closet. One more thing off my to-do list.

I have to say…I am pretty proud of Clarissa…she has almost all of her lines memorized for the Christmas play..she only struggles on a few at the end. I didn’t let her use her script at all during practice tonight. Carl has all of his memorized..the boys weren’t there. Jeri is doing alright….I just hate that I have to nag her to do it.
She is a teenager…I could be having worse issues. So I will let it go.

The boys came back and checked out their new room. They all love it. They all want bean bag chairs to play games and what not…WOW! I just see the dog getting a hold of one of those and then I will be swimming in stuffing….IDK?
Thinking on that one.

So a little interesting fact about Charisma…..I LOVE Christmas music….I listen to it all year long. I always get upset when I go to the music channels on my TV and they have one called “Holidays and happenings” or something….it is only good during the holiday season..I try it every time ..darn thing never works..I always just hope i guess that someone made a mistake and it suddenly comes on in dice.
I was thinking about this the other day..why is that? Why is it that I like Christmas music so much? Well because it is always happy. I have never heard a sad Christmas song. Am I right? There may be a beautiful one like “Holy Night” but that is not speaks of our savior being born…that’s not sad. But for the most part they are fun and lively and beautiful. Speaking of that I got Michael Buble’s new Christmas CD…It’s fabulous of course..I also have his other one..also fabulous. I have been listening to it all week….So there is a funny thing about me. when I lived in Spokane they had a station that played only Christmas music during the holidays…On I loved that! Memories.
Another tradition in my family well not mine but my Grandma…She always plays Liberace on Christmas. As soon as people arrive she puts in her Liberace…It used to be an album..then it moved to cassette..LOL Now she has a CD. I think she gave everyone a CD one year so we could carry on the tradition. I am pretty sure i don’t have the CD…I think my brother may be the only one who remembers that. LOL I should maybe start that…..but IDK? My kids already think I am crazy.

Well have a great night..while your Christmas music lovin friend gets a quilt done!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping….for SIX children! 2012

  1. Hello Charismah just popping in to let you know thatSabrina’stwo quilt tips arrived about ten minutes ago. She is currently holidayinginBali so I will try and getthemboth oundbeforeshe returns. Thank Carl so much they’re lovely. Haves couple that I willbwsendingnextweekbutinno hurry.
    Loving your blog and wishing you luck with the shopping.

    1. HI Linda,
      Thanks so much! I am glad they look great! A holiday in Bali?? Will you adopt me? LOL Heck I would just like a holiday in Australia!

  2. I am chuckling right now about your love for Christmas music!! I can BARELY stand it thru-out December when they mix in the Christmas music with the Christian music on PLR. 🙂 But, the funniest this is that the woman who was my “mentor” when I first became a Christian (not just a believer in God, but someone who gave her life to Jesus, before I never knew there was a difference! If you can imagine!!) is also a lover of Christmas music!! You two should meet! teehee. 🙂 Anywho, congrats on getting the Christmas buying all done with! 🙂


    1. Hi Mellie…..Oh I am crushed! LOL I will let it slide and love you anyway! YOu don’t even like Christmas music during the holiday?? What a travesty! LOL Just kidding.

  3. 🙂 I can deal with it during the month of December. 🙂 years ago, I could hardly stand it AT ALL!! I am not fond of the Holidays. A lot of stress and not much joy. Once I started focusing on the REAL reason for Christmas, well, that helped immensely. And, I have started to let go of expectations. (pesky little things those expectations!)

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