Christmas Placemats


Donna made these placemats for her Daughter & SIL ( I think that’s what she told me) I think they are Christmas gifts? I am not sure. But Donna spends Thanksgiving with them…she is just waiting for she can retire…move a block a way and smother them completely. 🙂 I want to do that to my kids too. IN fact I smother them now…so they are always trying to run away from me. LOL

IMG_2028  I think these are pretty awesome! They would look good with scraps or any theme really …and so simple…they also show off the fabric so well! Pretty genius!

IMG_2030I just had fun quilting each one

IMG_2031Ferns in all of the red blades to bring them unity

IMG_2032See how fabulous they are? You could make these for gifts and they would be loved!

IMG_2033Thanks Donna!



One thought on “Christmas Placemats

  1. Move a BLOCK away? Ya right! Thank you so much for quilting these for me. They are beautiful and yes, Christmas for daughter and son-in-law. I love what you said about the ferns in the reds…I will tell them this. Thanks again!

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