Christmas in April

Sue sent quite a few quilts…and a few of them were Christmas quilts. I like to think that many of us are getting ahead of the game…:)

So this one is a more modern take on a traditional cool!


Pretty in love with that! None of the lines are perfect because I freehanded them….but overall I am really happy with it!

IMG_1436 IMG_1437 IMG_1438Solids are just so striking in any quilt..they really send a powerful punch! Look at this pieced back….thump-thump

This next one if more of a fun traditional quilt.

IMG_1449Trees and gifts…fabulous!

I decorated each tree…and each gift to give it texture and bring it to life. SO much fun!

IMG_1450Beads, swirls, tree boughs, swirls, ribbons ect.

IMG_1451Sue will have these in plenty of time to bind and have ready! The year is a third of the way over ( almost)

IMG_1452Here’s the back:


Thanks Sue! always a pleasure!

Have fun binding!




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