Christmas Gifts From Julie

Julie is a daughter of a friend that I used to be in a quilt group with…..I enjoyed that group. It was always fun.

Julie sent 3 quilts….2 of them are gifts for her family and the 3rd is one her mom made ( I actually remember seeing it while she was in progress) and her mom didn’t like it and gave it to her as a top to finish…so I got it. I love it!


I know she used her accu-cut to cut out the pieces of her blocks…but I don’t know the name of the block. I think it’s beautiful! I love the colors and the fun vibrant prints.


It turned out lovely. I had fun quilting.

012015I am having issues getting good will see that in several of the following posts. It has been gray and yucky so I can’t take photos outside. So it creates a challenge. Here is the back of the quilt:


Love that!

The next one is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas movies. I am googling where to get this fabric…seriously!

As soon as I saw this I just had to laugh.

006Doesn’t it just make you happy? All of Ralphy’s day-dreaming and enthusiasm? I am just like him.

007 008 009 010Isn’t that great!? I never say the word “Fragile” I always say it..Fraaajeelie….because of this movie. LOL


This last one is a lap quilt for her son….who loves Star wars…so we just did a simple stipple on it. I have some Star Wars fans in my house…the countdown to the movie has started….I will go if I have to go…but honestly I won’t know anything that is going on…I have been forced to watch the movies way back when…My brother is fan…Rob has also made me watch them ( complete torture) and so I know who everyone is…I think. It just doesn’t keep my attention span. I have better things to watch like Hallmark movies…they don’t cause me stress or raise my blood pressure. haha!

002 003 005Thanks Julie! Always a pleasure working with you!

I hope you have a happy Holiday!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts From Julie

  1. I,too, especially like the first one….but all three are great! Lots of work went into doing the Star Wars one making the pics stand out. And……that “legs” one is a real eye-catcher!

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