Christmas Cookie Exchange

So while I was getting through my Christmas rush of quilts…I wanted a simple quilt to piece during my breaks. Sometimes when I am doing quilt after quilt on the frame I have to break up the monotony of standing in one place. So I will cut a project and use it to chain piece something quick and easy while I am drudging through the work load. Sometimes that’s how it is when I have a ton of quilts in  a deadline….I love my work…but you know how it is sometimes.


So I took out one of my layer cakes and decided to make this simple quilt. The layer cake is called Cookie Exchange by Sweetwater. It’s a sweet line with recipes and cute little Christmas type designs. So I made the plus blocks ….they look a little like presents, right?

well I am not sure what happened …but anything that could go wrong while I was cutting..went wrong. It seemed the easier this quilt was..I found ways to mess it up and make it harder on myself. LOL I don’t know? It was comical. It finally all came together and I got it quilted up.

I used a border fabric I had in my stash…and a plaid flannel for the back. It’s getting a red binding.

I quilted Ribbons and framed it in with a double feather. All of the white Plus’ got a special design to make them stand out a bit more…It’s a good almost twin size quilt.

I think after it gets it’s binding I am going to list it for sale in my Etsy shop.  So I will take better pics and get the proper sizes ect.

You can find my ETSY shop here.

I have a discount code for the month of January 2017KICKOFF for 20% off.

If you are interested in this quilt I will also apply the discount …I will list it for 180$ plus shipping. So just let me know and I will skip posting it on ETSY and just finish it up for you. 🙂

Thanks! I hope you all have a wonderful week!



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