Christina’s Kansas Troubles…Quilted with Baptist Fans

Christina sent me this quilt for LAQ ….I won’t even say how long ago. We kept getting disconnected somehow…and well finally it’s finished. When we originally spoke about this quilt (This will be a hint of how long I have had it..probably)…I think we decided I could quilt loops and stars…..Well I think I have improved since then…Don’t you?

However, I thought since she was willing to send me her quilt back then for a simple design she wouldn’t mind if I used her quilt with my new templates from Loricles. They are so much fun..but there is a learning curve… I got it at the end..but I still think the quilt turned out nicely…despite my learning curve..and Christina was gracious enough to accept it. She is really nice to work with..she just gave birth a new baby girl…how exciting!

One thought on “Christina’s Kansas Troubles…Quilted with Baptist Fans

  1. YAY! It looks so great. I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to give it to DH. Now the hard part…actually waiting til Christmas to give it to him. Not sure I will be able to do it!

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