Chivalry??? Where has it gone?

HI friends,

Well again today started off slow…but I did manage to get some work done…finally. I will have pictures of a little baby quilt….but I worked on shop quilts today…I don’t take pictures of those. I don’t know how many of those people actually know I have a website or run my own business. Most of the people I quilt for at the shop ironically don’t know who I am either…Since I am not actively working in the shop….so they don’t see my face..just my work.

I am teaching Bryce how to quilt on the long arm..he and I both recognized right away that he doesn’t have the… It’s going to be a struggle for him. He wants to learn because he needs to start earning money for Drivers ed….So we will just work through it and hopefully he can get it down. I think I took for granted that Carl and Cole picked it up so easily right off the bat. Maybe Bryce will be better at computer work or something?

So I studied a bit about Gandhi in philosophy class…and Martin Luther King JR….Love those guys..and their non-violent resistance.

I found this quote today:

My Life is my message
By Gandhi

I love that! That really is at the heart of what I feel. At the end of the day all I can be is me. If I am true to God and to myself ..that means I am living my best life. That is my message.

Talking with my kids today….you know I tease Bryce on his FB page..he makes quotes and as his MOM…I am not supposed to embarrass him in from of his friends and post things..but I do. Sometimes out of fun..but sometimes cause I am genuinely trying to make him be aware of what he is posting. Is he being funny ..and not being a light? I don’t shove it down his throat ..I just want him to think.
So he is constantly correcting me ..or telling me ..MOOOOOMMMMMM quit it! Today I just grabbed him and hugged him and kissed him. Told him how much I love him…and let it go at that. He let me. AWE! My big tough freshman son..let me grab him and hug&kiss him…. My message is there..he knows no matter what I love him.

Then I was teasing the kids about dinner…on our meal plan it said pancakes and sausage..which makes me like the best mom on earth when I serve breakfast for dinner…..and I told them no…we should have leftover turkey soup…That didn’t go over Carl and Cole made the pancakes..I made the sausage and bacon. So I get my sash and tiara tonight for being the best mom ever!

My eyes have been opened to my house tonight as well. Clarissa is so much like me…she is to accommodating and she adapts to everyone. She has really good intuition to know what is going on around her and how to read people. I hate that! LOL..I love it too. But the problem is she is the younger of 4 boys …who makes stupid chauvinistic jokes…I had to put a stop to it…I don’t want oppression in this house. She likes to cook in the kitchen…so why make fun of her? She likes to craft..she is really creative… she is my daughter..of course she is going to pick up a think or two here and there. She shouldn’t be oppressed because of needs to be celebrated. She also told Rob she didn’t feel she could go to him for homework help if he was playing video games…she is accommodating him …and trying not to upset him….we all kind of chuckled a bit….and he explained to her that that is not important ..her and her homework is way more important….so I was glad about that …but you know..if we are not on top of those things …if we don’t notice them she will constantly just live in the shadows and let everyone else take center stage..she will put herself do I know this? HELLLOOOOO??? I just want to shake her and tell her not to be like me….She is not the leader…she loves everyone. She is soft. BUT…I also love these things about her…I love that she cares so much….I love that she wants to help the sick…care for animals. She does have a tough side when she is pushed to hard..she is developing that because of her 4 older brothers…but I just hope I am leading her the right way. My example only reinforces what she already understands and knows. One time when she was 4 …I was talking about plans…and I said something about how Dad wants to do this or that..and she said to me….Why do we always have to do what daddy wants to do? Why can’t we do what you want to do? ..I was in shock…I had never thought about it… even at 3-4 years of age..she was learning from me. I guess that goes to show you that kids know everything. LOL.
But today was eye opening….again. These boys are going to be the death of me.

Creative Charisma needs to come up with creative ways of parenting for rowdy boys and making them have manners and chivalry.
I better start researching…and building energy. Honestly!

Well I better get back to shoulders are killing me lately..I had Rob rub them today..I thought he was killing me….So please pray for God to release that….it happens a lot with many of you know.

Blessings for the end of the week!

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  1. Enjoy every minute,,, they will be grown and gone before you blink. Keep that wonderful loving and gentle guidence and they will be fine. You my friend ( your on the right track) Love and Hugs T

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