Cherokee Heritage

Jodi sent me this quilt.

She has Cherokee indian in her lineage and wanted to honor that ..although she wasnt sure if this was technically a “Cherokee” Pattern. None the less it’s a southwest feel regardless…I have to honestly say that I struggled with this quilt a bit..trying to decide what to quilt. I enlisted help of another LAQ…I had to keep thinking “Nature”. So many of my designs are rooted in nature anyway..but this type of nature couldn’t be whimsy…or needed to me more hard edged and refined.

I also kept thinking chevrons? But instead decided on freehand work…


Jodi had originally requested Charisma Curls and Feathers. I talked to her and asked if I could put a more bird like feather in the center star because that seems to fit the theme better Then I mixed up my traditional feather in the border design. I did include CC’s in one of the borders..but wanted to represent the hard jagged edge of the basket designs in the fabric around the star so it got entagled triangles….the rest is filled in with water designs and other filler type designs. I just wanted to honor the feel of the quilt.

Thanks so much for looking!

4 thoughts on “Cherokee Heritage

  1. wow is that ever beautiful…i am not usually drawn towards southwestern style but this is really nice…i am in love with the feathers in the middle just stunning

  2. I have been thinking about quilting bird feathers for a long time now but have not had a quilt come my way that asked for it. You did this one right. Real bird feathers are perfect for this quilt. Love what you did with it.

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