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Hi friends,

I am checking in because I haven’t been showing much. I have been quilting for the shop. Plus I have not been feeling up to par recently. Battling a stomach bug….and I think some other health issues are going on. Nothing critical. Just not feeling myself. So I made an appointment with my Dr. So maybe next month I will know better what is going on with my body. I am sure the extra 20 pounds I put on in 5 months didn’t help.  I have started walking again because it just feels good and it relieves stress. I have been diving in the word and really trying to re-discover myself. I feel like many things are coming together for me again and that part feels good.

I am really enjoying the garden. I am not exactly sure how successful it will be…I can see some mistakes I have already made…..but hoping and praying it all works out. Everyone always has different opinions on how you should do things and I am just trying to figure everything out and hope for the best. I don’t have a huge area or anything…but every time I see a sprout ->I get really excited.Like a little kid in first grade learning about plants, primary roots, secondary roots…ect

The herb garden isn’t doing all that well? I have two little planters that Rob made for me last year  ….one of them is sprouting…one isn’t. So I moved it closer to the other today hoping that maybe it has something to do with the amount of sunshine it’s getting.

The topsy turvey tomatoes are doing wonderful. They are more than double in size and flowering. They are growing stronger than the ones I planted in the ground. I am thinking I will lay down some peet moss and get the bed some more nutrients. But I am kind of waiting for some of the rows to sprout a bit more. I had “help” and I am not exactly sure where everything is ….as much as I tried to organize it all….and tell Roo where to plant she got a bit excited. So I have a rough idea of where things are…LOL. I try not to get anal or excited about things that way…so then we have surprises. 🙂

For so long I had neglected my yard….and just kept it in a place to maintain it. I used to garden and I didn’t have to think about tomatoes & peppers and I recognized all of the sprouts. I knew what to do. How do you forget? I had my own garden in my first house. I didn’t remember really worrying about it and fussing over it. There was just a few of us. We had so much salsa…I had to give it away. LOL

It’s been 15 years or so and I feel like I am learning everything all over again. So it’s fun.

I am also excited for the back trellis area to be finished so I can start working back there. I am excited to plant and start bringing that area to life. It’s been a dead area in our home for a long time. When you clean out your closets, get things organized and start making all parts of your house equal…..without dead zones and chaos… just feels really good. As these kids leave one every year starting next year at this time……it will be easy to maintain when it’s just a few of us left. Hopefully.

It is BBQ season around here……I don’t know if you all have been keeping up on your budgeting this year. We did really well for about 4 months. Then we had every appliance go down like a submarine. Which was OK….So now we are back on track and things are all working out. We are still getting our meat from

We first got the chicken….and I make a lot of soups & casseroles. So I didn’t notice any difference in the chicken. But now that we are eating it roasted, grilled ect. A friend of mine said she thought it was a bit tough. I hadn’t noticed until now. I read a ton of reviews on it and they all seem fine? so I am wondering if you all have had the same experience? It’s all natural & hormone free so I am wondering if that is why? or maybe we just got a bad batch? It’s not bad….my family doesn’t seem to care. But I can tell.

Every other cut of meat we have gotten from them has been perfect.   We all love the bacon & sausage. We just got the bacon wrapped pork Fillets and grilled those right away. YUMM! The ground beef is 93% and perfect. We also got the kielbasa sausages & hot dogs. We are trying those this weekend. ( I don’t eat those..but I will give a report from my family). We have steaks coming up next. I also ordered more ground beef today. We are still getting bountiful baskets. Great budget savers. I am thinking I need to start looking at yard sales for jars & canning supplies so I can be prepared. 🙂 With all the meat and fries in my freezer I won’t have much room for fruit & veggies. So canning it shall be.

Anyway …I have a last request. I really need prayers right now in a BIG way! Please pray for me/us. Thank you .

May you all be blessed!






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