Charlotte’s Sampler

Charlotte and I traded..a quilt top for quilting. This is a HUGE quilt top and I saw great potential in the quilting.

I ended up using to it try different techniques and design within the quilt …I think that is the bad part about quilt tops that sit in my bin..they all become victims to practice…but really it just helps me along for all my customer quilts. I think I probably won’t notice all my mistakes a few years down the road…and the people who are looking so closely {that would notice} don’t really deserve to have all of my hard work anyway..LOl ( of course i mean the ones who will eventually get all of my practice quilt tops) I seriously doubt my kids will ever look closely. It’s all about getting to teh next level..experiementing and figuring out what works best for my work.

Anyway..lost of different feathers, block work different from any I have done before…and filler designs. In the end I am excited about hwo well it turned out.

Thanks Charlotte!




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