Charisma’s accountability report

I kind of forgot that I was supposed to get into this Sunday routine again of posting my stash update and my completed projects like I did in 2015. I am back to not buying any more fabric….except I must confess I did yesterday. 🙁 I was weak. I went out of town and stopped at a quilt shop.

So I guess I am going to apply the same rules I did in 2015. I am going to give myself a 500$ budget to spend if I am on vacation or out of town. I say that because I am going to go to the UK this spring and if I happen to stop at a textile shop or something–> I think I will want to buy some things to remind me of my trip. I am also going to Minnesota in the summer and Portland, Oregon in August for my Birthday. So there we go.

I think for the most part this a good compromise because my real problem with fabric shopping is online shopping. I have turned into an online shopper for the most part. For almost everything. If I lived in the city I would probably buy my groceries online. Crazy! I know. But I live in a rural area and we have to drive an hour to get to a decent area to shop for anything. I hate road trips….and it feels like a road trip anytime we have to go shopping. I know that if you live in the city you get used to driving for long periods of time. When you live in a small town and it takes 5 minutes to get across town you become spoiled and the thought of being in the car more than 20 minutes has me thinking …”Oh I don’t want to go.” I never thought I would be this way. 🙂

So anyway….

I bought 136$ worth of fabric yesterday.

Quilts I have made so far this year:

  1. Neutral Love Wool Penny Project
  2. Wool Confetti Project for T
  3. Wool Penny Project ( big pink flower in the center)
  4. Happy Little Trees
  5. Christmas cookie exchange
  6. Jelly Chain quilt
  7. Kaffe Scrappy Ice Cream Quilt
  8. Kaffe Magic carpet quilt
  9. Kaffe hourglass quilt

Quilts that I have finished:

  1. Scrappy Square in a squares quilt. Quilted by me made by Annette

So I most of these I started last year..but finished them this year. But the wool Penny projects were actually started & finished this year. I find that amazing because they are all done by hand. It’s very relaxing for me…and I find them easy to work on.


Anyway This is the new routine. I just need to get back into the groove. 🙂 I doubt that I will be able to finish 100 projects this year…I did meet that in 2015. But things were different and this year is full of travel and changes.



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