Celtic Solstice Flimsie

FINALLY! My Celtic Solstice is pieced! I wasn’t sure that I would ever finish it except I had already invested so much time & yardage already. IMG_8497

I get to add lots of yardage for my count tomorrow. YAHOO!

This has tons of yardage, countless hours, countless cut off points, tons of bobbins, lots of thread and a dull blade after all that cutting. LOLIMG_8491

If you want to get the pattern you can go here. She only keeps the mystery quilt patterns up until June. So if you want to make this you have to print it out before then. 🙂


IMG_8492 IMG_8493

I did change a few things. I changed my colors….because I wanted to use stash. I also made all of my pink squares line up when they were supposed to rotate. But I wanted my chain to stand out. The pink was the warm color and it just appealed to my eye better that it line up rather than be disjointed by going back and forth. My pink was the orange in the original pattern. Here is a picture of the original: 114x114

So when I pulled my fabrics and started the quilt I had no idea what the finished quilt would look like. You just hope on a wing & a prayer that it will turn out with your changes. 🙂 I am pleased. It’s soft & subtle and sweet. Lots of my stash looks like this believe it or not…I just haven’t tapped into that part of my stash. I love shabby chic.

Because it’s so light with the pastel colors it’s difficult to photograph. SO I played with some color saturation here to give you an ideaIMG_8496 IMG_8495

I am wondering if I chose the wrong outer border fabric….?? I love that fabric but it competes with my pieced border. But it’s it staying on because there is no way I am taking all of that off and redoing it. This quilt measures 118×118. I think this is the biggest quilt I have ever pieced myself. IMG_8494

And the last photoIMG_8498

I am going to get a backing ready and cut my binding for this quilt today as well. I can’t quilt it yet. But hopefully soon. I hope you all have a great Saturday! Blessings!


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