Celtic Solstice & Extras By Donna

Donna , you know the quilt police I talk about frequently? My dear friend & sewing extraordinaire…yes she has done it again. IMG_8063


Yes the wind….was a challenge today. Poor Clarissa..holding the quilts down for pics. IMG_8058

She made her Celtic Solstice….on time ..mind you keeping up with all of the clues…while her dear old friend bit the dust on step two for 2 months…yeah that was me. The same one that is still on step 5 because she is not “feeling” it right now.  Anyhow. I love how different Donna’s quilt is from mine and also from Joni’s. It all depends on your scraps. Joni’s are bright and cheerful. Donna’s are warm & cozy. Donna buys lots of Kansas troubles and those type of fabrics. I on the other hand had to use very light pastels…because when the colors were released….if I went by the colors listed I would have had to buy fabrics. I don’t have any orange or blue in my stash. 🙂 So mine is completely different. It’s funny because Donna wanted to make a few blocks and trade me….(she hadn’t seen my colors ) …It wouldn’t have worked….haha. You could have spotted the switch a mile away.  Completely different feeling fabrics. IMG_8062

I quilted Donna’s different than the last one. I felt that each had their own feelings….so this got Charisma Curls and loops. but the triangles did get quilted the same.IMG_8061

Beautiful quilt…pieced perfectly, of course…:)IMG_8059

Donna also made a few place mats & table toppers. I have all of this fabric as well….I bought it when it came out. Now it’s “vintage” probably. LOL But it’s really pretty. Maybe I will get a chance to use this year…since ..well I am not buying anything new.  IMG_8050 IMG_8051 IMG_8052 IMG_8053

Thanks Donna. IMG_8048 IMG_8049

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