Celebrations and Jeweled Forest

These are 2 more by Sharon. She chooses such beautiful projects and they are constructed so nicely. IMG_8458

I had fun with them. The first one is celebrations and it’s an machine embroidery BOM. It’s very fun, light & whimsy. Fun to quilt. IMG_8459

I love the bright colors and the themes in each block. IMG_8460 IMG_8461The backIMG_8462

Jeweled Forest is also a beautiful quilt. I actually have this pattern…just have not completed it yet. It’s always nice to have a quilt come my way that is on my to-do list so I can see it and love it for a minute while it’s here. 🙂 IMG_8463

I quilted each frame differently to add some fun.IMG_8464 IMG_8465

Then I just stitched around the points to make them stand out more. With those icicles you don’t really want to interfere with their presence. 🙂IMG_8466

Sharon it’s been a pleasure working with you! Thank you so much! I will ship these out tomorrow or Friday. Have a blessed day!

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