Casting Spells for Harry Potter

Sally made this Harry Potter quilt for her grandson. I love all of the little details.IMG_5044 IMG_5050

She put lots of time and energy into this quilt. You can see all of the different fabrics choices and details. It’s AMAZING!IMG_5045

I have an HP fan here as well…but I am not making her a quilt. lol! WAY to go SALLY!IMG_5046 IMG_5047 IMG_5048 IMG_5049

She won the raffle for free quilting…she wanted to donate since her husband is a friend of my Pastor..I thought it kind of funny that she has her own machine and she bought tickets..then she won! LOL.So she requested that I put all over swirls on’s for a ten year old boy…who isn’t going to care about custom quilting…and the swirls kind of look like a “spell” which is suitable!IMG_5052

So it was my pleasure to quilt this for Sally! Thanks for your support Sally! I appreciate it!

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