Cartwheels….for Me!

well I thoughtI would wait to post this because I show everything and thought Maybe I should have a surprise at the show…but it’s a small town…I don’t know how many locals follow my blog…so I should just share…don’t you think?

There have been many posts today..I know. I also have one more quilt to add..I will do that when I get home..I forgot to post it last week.

Anyway…..this one was pieced by Laura. She made this version here.

I loved her quilt so much we made a trade deal…so I could have one of my very own.

It was so hard trying to decide how to quilt this. Honestly, her cartwheels quilt stretched me so much…and I LOVE her quilt. It’s in my top ten for sure. I kept thinking …Should I quit it the same? Is that tacky? Will it take away from her quilt? So I decided to keep the same framework and just change the fill in work……I am in love yet again. I am going to show this is a couple places maybe. I woudn’t have thought of it..but my friend Virginia says I should? SO maybe I will..she’s the pro you know? LOL I have to say honestly I am just glad to have it off the frame…it’s been on for a long time..and I knew it was going to take lots of time….it’s kind of monotonus because you do the same designs and process over and over again….that’s the down side…I love samplers for the reason that each new block presents a new design and I have to think about each thing. I think the other part is that I have a hard time spending that much time on’s easier to do it for someone else…I know it’s weird. So it seemed totake FOREVER to get my own quilt done.So that’s a blessing in itself……It’s a good thing it’s beautiful& I love it!

Soonce again …I am doing Cartwheels! Thanks Laura!

11 thoughts on “Cartwheels….for Me!

  1. This is one for the history books. Beautiful work. If you would have taken a plain white cotton fabric and done this quilting on it, it would still be a stunning piece of work!

  2. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful work! I just wish I could touch -lol! Hope that I will be able to see it in person sometime. God bless.

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