Carpenter’s Star

Guyla made this HUGE Carpenters star. she only makes big quilts ( for the most part..hehe). Like most quilters she gives them to her loved ones.




I remember being in a long arm class before I really dove into quilting and the class was helping another student quilt plan a Carpenters star. The student was stumped as to what to quilt.  I remember everyone being pretty intimidated. It’s funny to think about that now because I have quilted so many of these quilts and I don’t remember being intimidated. I have mixed & matched many designs….and this is a classic design that lends itself so well to many design options.



Guyla chose blenders and solid background. You know what that means? No design to pull from so everything I quilt… just texture eye candy. So in this case I get to fill in the blanks.

IMG_9884 IMG_9885


So I have feathers, infinity, l’s, back & forth lines, continuous curve flowers and loops.

It all provides texture and eye candy.



the back is muslin so it showcases the quilting really well…..

IMG_9888Thanks Guyla! It will ship out today.

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