Carols Quilts..Part one

Carol sent us these quilts for long arm quilting…. This is two of the four. She sent each boy a quilt for all over stippling…. I finished the other two today…. Well almost. They will be ready tomorrow for pictures….

Carol is also trying to catch up on old projects… She said these have been sitting in a drawer for years…. And she just wanted to get them finished up. It is always a sense of accomplishment when were able to do those things?? I know that’s one of my resolutions for the next year…. I don’t want into quilts sitting around waiting to be quilted. I started the process this year… Sometimes sending out some of my own quilts to other quilters… Or letting my boys practice on some of my quilts…. So they can be finished and have a home… Or a purpose.

So without further adieu…. Here are the two quilts.

2 thoughts on “Carols Quilts..Part one

  1. Those are some nice looking quilts and the quilting is off the chain as always….thanks for letting us get a glimpse of all of the beauties…Hugs T

    1. Hi T,
      How are you? I know it’s rough. But you made it through! I am so proud of you! I am sure your family is too! I am glad you didn’t go hide away!

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