Caroline’s Quilts

Caroline and I have worked together a few different times this year. She always makes beautiful projects.

This is a OBW that she put together. I am always amazed by OBW’s because when finished they look nothing like the original fabric. AMAZING!
So this one I was a bit stumped as to how to quilt again..I know? I think that happens often with OBW’s because they usually have so much going on …you don’t want to take away from them…but I never know how simple I should actually quilt?
So this one I quilted different types of flowers leaves and swirls in the center, Charisma Curls in the inside borers..and a leafy feather in the outer border.
Beautiful finish.

The second Brown batik quilt is for Caroline’s son. Caroline asked if Carl could quilt it and use his creativity. LOL Well I was a bit nervous about this. Carl is very creative…I just want him to be a little more in control of the machine before I let him have complete freedom. So told him she had mentioned maybe some waves….and then maybe he could mimic some of the designs in the material…or follow the lines in the material..if all else fails just revert back to stipple.
well he did waves in the outside border….more like a sideways water design…..he tried to outline some dragon flies in some of the blocks..(I think he needs some more practice with control) and he tried following lines on one of the materials that kind of looks like stipple in a way. In the end he did have to rip out some areas and re-quilt….But it was a good learning experience for him.
Thanks Caroline.

2 thoughts on “Caroline’s Quilts

  1. Thanks Carl and Charisma for the beautiful quilting work on both quilts. Looking at both of them gave me goose bumps. More will be coming your way soon. BTW, I love your choice of music and vocalists. I keep your blog open just to listen.

    1. HI C,
      Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! I am so glad you like my music…I leave my page up most of the day as well…just so I can hear this music…that’s why I wanted it on my page…..It’s so uplifting.

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