Carl, May the Force be with you

Carl & GracieCarl is graduating from High school today.  He not only has his high school diploma but he is most of the way through is 2 year transfer degree. So he can just go straight to the university as a junior.  I am extremely proud of him.

carl Senior photo 2Carl came to me at 4. The minute I met him I knew he was mine. It took him a bit to come to me and let me in…he had been wounded and he wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t leave him.

The thing that I love most about him is his loyalty to me. Truly. I didn’t give birth to him but he is more loyal to me than anyone of my other children. He doesn’t agree with me all of the time..and it’s not like he thinks I am perfect by any means. He gets frustrated with me like any other teen….but he is loyal to me. Everyone in the family knows that he is my favorite. ( I know that favorite is not the perfect word to use here…but it’s how they term it). Carl has different privileges and  tasks that he gets to do because I have a high level of trust in Carl and he has a high level of trust in me.

There was a girl he was interested in dating a few years ago…and I sat him down to tell him that I didn’t think that was a good idea and I listed all of the reasons why. I have done this with several of my kids. None of them listened except Carl. I asked a few days later ( in shock) why he wasn’t on a date with this girl and he said ” You told me you didn’t trust her, and I trust I didn’t ask her”

Honestly, none of my kids listen to me like that and I seriously love Carl for that reason. He trusts that I know what is best and that I won’t lead him astray.

Carl Senior photo car 1

Carl is an animal lover. Gracie is his best friend. I think if Carl were leaving this summer to head to college she would die from a broken heart. It breaks my heart thinking about it. She is aging and not doing very well and Carl is her favorite person. She sleeps in bed with him every night that she can crawl up there. He has to wash his sheets more than he would like too..but he doesn’t like sleeping without her either. So when we thought about his senior pictures and what reflected him it was-> Gracie ( his BFF) and cars. Carl also loves Star wars ( just like all of the men in my house) …but Carl wears this perfect shirt with Vader on it and it is so him. He has aspergers and it says the “Expressions of Vader”….Vader has the same expression for every emotion..much like an Aspie. Carl is getting better about that. We have worked with him a lot about making eye contact when talking to someone and controlling his emotions.  Rob and I were both amazed that he got a job cashiering at Walmart and he doesn’t mind it. Even after working with him all of this time we have anxiety and doubts about what he can do…but he surprises us and he meets every challenge. We let him try everything so he can experience it…but I do it with anxiety because I don’t want him to get frustrated or hurt. I have learned when I can push him and not push him…and now he is learning when to push himself. I love that feeling as a parent.

The theme of Carl’s Graduation Party is “May the Force be with you”

It was just suitable. I wanted to make him a quilt for graduation which is standard in this house. and it’s Vader of course. 011I was strapped for time…so my friend Donna put it together for him I could quilt it. I put minky on the back because Carl loves minky and I kept the quilting kind of light. One of the fabrics has Glow in the dark elements. 🙂 No matter how old they get they love that.  One of the fabrics has several of the characters as well.



Carl is going to study electrical engineering. So he is working on getting his pre-reqs to enter the program at WSU. Can I just say how proud I am of him? He is the first of my children that seem to be on track for doing everything the way in which I would like it they can be successful in life. On top of that he is just a good guy. He is loyal, quick to forgive, he is calm ( mostly) and when you are in his circle ( which is few and close) he is   willing to do anything to make life easy for you..if he can. He will do whatever anyone asks of him within reason and he notices little things.

008 007 006 005

I am extremely proud and thankful that Carl is my son. I got this little wounded bird when he was 4 and we bonded..and I have never felt like he wasn’t my child. I know he feels the same way about me. We both forget that we aren’t biologically connected. I am so thankful for his Birth -Mom as well….she has a place in his heart and mine. We came together ( after she came back into his life) so he could feel good and safe about loving us both and there wasn’t a struggle about it. I am forever thankful for that.

Carl will do great things and I have no doubt that he will be a GREAT man. He has all of the character, traits and drive that will get him far in life and I am grateful that I get to be a part of it. He is a part of me forever and I will Thank God everyday for the lessons that I have learned through raising  Carl.

So today I made all of the fixings for his party..including 2 of his favorites. Deviled eggs and potato salad. When he was about 8 we went to a BBQ at someones house and they offered him potato salad…he said “No thank you, I only eat my Mom’s potato salad” LOL. I kind of had to laugh at that. But it’s true he only eats mine. I only make it a few times a year and this occasion deserves it.

So here’s to new beginnings and the end of an era.

Carl I am your biggest supporter and fan. I love you forever! May the force be with you always.


8 thoughts on “Carl, May the Force be with you

  1. Beautiful quilt and your loving story touched
    My heart! Only thing missing on your quilt
    Is a picture of his dog!

  2. Congratulations!! That’s a great achievement. My grandson just graduated from High School and got his Associate’s Degree at the same time, also. We are very proud of him.

  3. I love reading all your post. I wish I could express myself like you do. Congratulations Carl on your graduation.

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