Candy’s Heart

Must be with her Grandkids? She made this adorable little wall-hanging….I think it might be for her? It’s so cute and uses one of those panels with all the great sayings on it. I own a few. 🙂


I custom quilted several designs in the trail of each color to bring it texture and lots of interest. It’s going to hang on a wall after all. IMG_6701 IMG_6702

This is the first time I am working with Candy…Her sister Pat sent me a couple of quilts Here & Here .

So now I have the opportunity to quilt for these two. YAY! IMG_6703 IMG_6704

They also own their own Etsy Shop…..because Pat sent me a card with a  gift of one of their items. IMG_6609 IMG_6610

Aren’t those towels adorable?! I just love them! So I would check out their shop if you have some gift items before the holidays. I like to support small crafters. 🙂 I love handmade.

So a BIG thank you to you ladies! I appreciate it very much!

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