Butterfly Takes Flight

Joni sent this for a friend. It was made by a mom ..left unfinished and set for we don’t know how long.



I always love finishing these types of projects..if I know the origins or not. I love that we get to help complete a dream, wish or story. We don’t know the intentions all of the time…where they are supposed to land… but like everything else eventually time reveals it to us. These types of projects always warm my heart. We get to complete something for someone who didn’t or couldn’t.


I quilted Charisma Curls, feathers, L’s and designs specific for the butterfly.

056It all just came to life. It’s difficult to see but teh butterfly has some metallic threads woven into the fabrics..after quilting they just shine. It turned out so pretty!

057The back in a batik….it finished up very well.

058Thanks you all so much for looking! I love sharing these pictures…and my thoughts freely. I appreciate you stopping and taking time to read & see them.





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