Butterfly Patches

012I quilted this a few months back. I was trying to get familiar with a curved ruler that I needed to use for a certain quilt that I haven’t shown yet. 🙂

This is a scrappy quilt that Annette pieced for me ( probably sometime last year) and I love her projects..of course. It’s nice that when I need to practice a technique that I have a stock pile of quilt tops that I can load onto the frame and work away. I like that my time is not wasted. In the end I have a quilt and it’s beautiful ( even if the technique doesn’t work well ..not the issue in this case)  and I have something to show for it. Rather than pinning on muslin fabric and just practicing ..I can apply the technique.


We trade quilting for her piecing my scrap.  We have for several years now and I am just always amazed and happy with her work.

013 014 015

So I wanted to practice using the curved ruler in the sashings. Can you see them?

017 018 019

I quilted loops in the blocks …and continuous curves in the corner stones.

022 023 024 025 I also did an nontraditional feather type design in the border.  I am trying to decide how much I like it. I can see it on certain quilts.

Here’s the back:

020 021Thanks Annette! You are a scrappy genius!!

Many Blessings!


3 thoughts on “Butterfly Patches

  1. I like how you quilted this quilt and I like the border too as it is a little different than anyone else’s!

  2. Hello Dear One,
    It’s been awhile since I have talked to you .
    How are you doing ? Still walking the hills around you ?
    This quilt is just beautiful, I love scrappy . If you need a home for it ,you can send it to N J
    You impresse me with each quilt you do
    Take care and love ,hugs

  3. Amazing job as usual. You do such nice work and this is a very nice quilt that is very nostalgic looking to me. Reminds me of the ones my grandmother did using scraps from our dress making when I was a kid. Of course the beautiful quilting is another story altogether. Beautiful indeed.

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