Bryce’s First Car

Well Bryce finally has his car. He has had his license for a few months but he didn’t manage his money wisely all of the time. He didn’t volunteer as much as he maybe should have to work for his dad to get more money for his car ect. IMG_9064

So he has been driving our old pick up. Until he realized how much that was sucking down gas….he liked driving that and didn’t try very hard to save his money. 🙂 Good lesson.

This car has been in the family for a long time. Bryce’s Grandpa Horton bought this care when Bryce was a baby. When he passed …Bryce’s dad drove it….Now it’s Bryce’s. It’s not a classic or anything. But it gets good gas mileage and it seems like a perfect first car for him. IMG_9065

You can see Carl’s in the background. Our house looks like a used Car lot. But I am thankful that we don’t have debt for these cars. They can only drive what they can afford. Rob is teaching them how to take care of them. when something breaks down he makes them fix it. He shows them how to do it..but wants them to learn. This is a skill they need through out life. I really appreciate that. When Landon and I were young and had car troubles..we had to rely on others to tell us ….and it wasn’t any fun. These boys are so blessed to have Rob to help them with these things.

Soon Cole will be adding a car to our used car lot. It seems strange to have all of these drivers in my home. I don’t have to run to wal-mart every time somebody needs something…they can go on their own. They all know the password to my debit card…since they have to use it all of the time. haha!

I keep reflecting back on those days when they were younger and I thought these days would never that they are here….well it’s kind of bittersweet. It’s nice to see them functional and see a glimpse of what lies ahead of them…but it’s hard to let them falter and discover life on their own.

Bryce is dating a girl that dumped him right before homecoming ( he had to come talk to me about it because he knows I wouldn’t approve)….and I just hate when they don’t value themselves enough. But He is also going to be 18 in the fall and I can’t control everything. So I am going to be patient and wait. That’s all a parent can do of teenagers sometimes. At least with him he guards his heart a bit better than some of my other children.

I am a proud mom of the way these boys are turning out. They are going to do great things!






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