Bryce’s 15th Birthday

Hi Everyone,

Well I am making lots of progress on Christmas quilts…feels good to see the end coming near…almost.

I am sure I will be caught up by all the shipping deadlines….I think ( dare I say it???) that I will be going in to the new year with a fresh slate…YAY! That feels good.

I have been asking God to protect me lately. I have taken a few hits but I know he is there and I am confident that all will be well. I am also glad that he revealed somethings to me today…to confirm my choices about school …once again. That feels good.

Rob decided to finally put the boy’s dressers together…what do you know? We have a broken piece in the box which has happened to us several times. Drives me bonkers. So that is on hold again.

Today is Bryce’s Birthday. 15….I can hardly believe it. I gave birth to a 15 year old. We didn’t make him a cake. he got his birthday taken away and his gift. He has attitude sometimes and I have to use currency that will actually punish him…there are very few things that I can use…his I-pod, Sports, Birthday. Basically.

So we had leftovers for dinner and he was upset because he didn’t like any of the choices…so I bought him Subway for dinner his favorite…since we didn’t make him a cake it was a good compromise…he gets a special thing for his birthday but the punishments still stands. I have to stick to what I say….and I really think he is gaining respect for me little by little. We had a really rough spell during the summer. I was looking at getting a loan to send him to a boys ranch…I wasn’t sure what had happened to my kids. As a last ditch effort his dad took him for a 6 weeks and worked him like a dog..had manly talks with him…I think Bryce also got to see that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…he came back a different boy. He has a long way to go…but I have learned some valuable lessons as well. He has a very difficult personality…I am just thankful that the two boys behind him aren’t really going to give me lots of trouble….I gotta rest up for Preston and Clarissa. UGH!

So Happy Birthday Bryce. I love you!

{Rob gave them the address of my blog so they can read it from their I-pods…..No spoiler alerts or telling what I am gifting them now…Rob can never keep his mouth shut..LOL}

So I have decided once again…maybe it is time for some trading? I don’t know how many are reading this regularly?

So I have some (I won’t say how many) flat rate boxes filled with scraps….Same rules as last time….I send you my box of scraps…you make however many quits you can from the box of scraps (or as many as you want to make)… send me back the quilt tops and the rest of any un-used scraps…I will quilt a quilt for you roughly the same size of quilt(s) you made for me. If you need any background fabrics let me know..I can ship those along with the scraps. Just comment here and I will choose randomly if there are many responses….if there aren’t..I will just send out boxes to whomever does respond.

I only use LQS quality fabrics, I don’t pre-wash. I don’t smoke..but I do have pets in my home. Just an FYI. I am not particular about what type of quilts you make or what patterns…you have freedom to make what you can or want to make.


Here are two more that are coming back home from Canada…YAY!

13 thoughts on “Bryce’s 15th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Bryce! The scrap thing sounds like so much fun Would there be a deadline attached to the deal? I’m crazy busy until the end of the year :o) But I would love to try my hand at this adventure,

  2. I would like to do this if you think my work is good enough… so we make tops or a top then you will give us one back quilted???? Blondie is my nickname…lol….. Happy Birthday Bryce my neice named her son Brice her mothers last name…

    1. HI T, Well you make me a quilt top from my scraps….and when you send that back to me also send me a quilt top of your own that you would like me to quilt for you. Oh and I am getting a kit ready to send off to you for our little applique swap. I have a few of you doing needle turn applique for me…I just love all those projects and don’t have patience or time for it.

  3. Happy Birthday Bryce! Gosh I cant believe he is 15. I remember when he was just 1 years old. I would love a box of scraps if you have an extra to send, that will give me something to work on this winter.

    1. I know remember when we used to take him shopping with his Ernie “purse” …LOL and he used to eat Petezu?
      Are you sure you want a box of scraps? LOL I would quilt for you for free… know that.

  4. Ah, yes, the teenage years!! I don’t envy you at all, at all. Nothin’ to do but love ’em no matter what…and they’ll give you lots of matter whats!! Good luck to all!!

    And about a box of scraps – I’d be honored to piece some together for you!!!!! I love to piece and don’t have a clue about FMQ, and I’d ***looooove*** to trade with you!!! Puhleeeeeeze pick me!! 🙂 I’ll still adore you if ya don’t tho!!! (no pressure, eh?)

    Happy Turkey-Day!

  5. i might be interested in making a quilt top for you with your scraps. do you know what the aproximit price is on shipping stuff back and forth to canada? and is there any time limit? and how large a quilt would it be posible to make from the scraps? best wishes with your teens hope things get easyer soon. God bless

    1. HI Lindy,
      You know it just depends on the box…I think it is probably around 20$ to ship back and fourth. Well so far with the one box of scraps I sent to one gal she is working on her third quilt top..she is thinking she can get four….size of quilt just depends on what you want to make. No time limit. Thanks so much.

  6. i would like to make a quilt with your scraps for you if you still have some. i have a baby due in april so i probly whont rush to fast on it but well see how things go my name on quilt board is Lindy-2 so you can pm me there and i can give you my address. thanks lindy

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