Bright Boxes & Stepping Stones

These were brought to me by a semi local quilter…:)

she always does great projects and I fell in love with the stepping stones quilt.



Here is Stepping stones:



The gradation of color and the many fabrics used are beautiful…and then I went in and added Different textures to each color way.

144 145 146 Isn’t that texture wonderful?

Infinity designs, cross hatching, swirl feather, loops, swirls and lines.

147 148

It came together so beautifully.

149 150

I have the pattern’s from a magazine. Don’t be surprised if you see this again. 🙂

137this was made for a teen and it’s all of her favorite things and colors. 🙂

138 139

I quilted double bubbles to keep the fun going.

140 141

Always a pleasure!

Thanks for looking!


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