Bright blooming 9 patch

020Diana sent this bloomin 9 patch to me. Diana is special to me. My best friend growing up in AK saved my life and Diana is her mom. They introduced me to God, church and what a real family looks like. They took me in and treated me so kind. They don’t realize how much they did for me…and when I tell them they don’t understand…what an impact they made….which just means they did it out of their hearts and it all came from God.

So when I tell her I refuse to accept payment for quilting….seriously. They fed me for years. They would drive one way 45 minutes to pick me up on a friday and deliver me back home on a sunday. No gas money and all of that time. My parents certainly weren’t going to pitch in …they didn’t care whether I left or not….and they weren’t going to drive me. This couple wasn’t wealthy and they did all of that for me….so I would be able to have peace on the weekends away from my family. They honestly have no idea what they did for me.


So Diana made this cute quilt for her granddaughter. My Bestie’s daughter. so I am thankful to be a small part of that collaboration.

018I quilted flowers, vines, swirls, and loops.

All fun designs to match the fabrics. It has a comfy minky back.

015 016 017 019

It turned out fun, lovey and comfy. I know it will be treasured and it will be blessing.

Much love to all of you today!


5 thoughts on “Bright blooming 9 patch

  1. What a pretty quilt and I love how you finished it!
    Those people sound like people who “walk the walk”
    instead of “talk the talk”. How fortunate for you.
    They sound awesome! But then again, so are you 🙂

  2. You did justice to the back story! Everyone needs a friend at times, and I’m sure you would have done the same for Dianna had the situation been reversed!

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