Bricks and Pinwheels

These quilts were brought to me my Betty for the special Practice quilts….I am so thankful that so many people wanted to help us out. 🙂 Not all of them have turned out perfect..but for the most part they have…we have learned a lot along the way.

I quilted loops and stars on this bricks one. Many of the fabrics were primitive in nature and had stars in them.

I think Betty wasn’t that fond of this quilt..but knew it should be finished..and they always seem to find a home. I think it’s great. So much work with all of the little pieces and very much something I would make.

there’s the back. Turned out great!

This next one is pinwheels ( or a variation of)

great fabrics, great colors and I used my favorite swirls and feathers panto on it.

Thanks Betty! Always a pleasure working with you!

I hope you have fun with all of your bindings! 🙂



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