Brianna’s Trade Quilts

Last year Brianna offered to long arm quilt for scrappy trades. You can find that post HERE .

Ruth was the first one to send her quilts back …which we have already posted…and now Deb has turned hers in. This is the quilt she made for Brianna:

Beautiful! Cindi ( Bri’s mom) and her were arguing over who got to keep it. LOL

Well in exchange Deb sent a few baby quilts for Brianna to quilt. And here they are:

IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5735 IMG_5736

Both of them have minkee back. Comfy!

IMG_5731 IMG_5732

Thanks Deb! Everything looks great! Always my pleasure! Brianna loved working with you too! After she quilts her beauty she will send pictures. 🙂 It may take awhile because she just bought a house and has lots of remodeling to do!


One thought on “Brianna’s Trade Quilts

  1. Love it thanks!

    If either of you want to do another trade let me know.

    As long as it is ok that it takes awhile.


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