Boy Scouts ……Eagles Scouts and quilts.

Genny From the Jersey shore has sent another! We love working with her.

This one is a quilt for the boy scouts..they are auctioning it off as a fundraiser..and how appropriate.
She did a beautiful job..she asked for us to put arrows crossing at teh top..then Sally looked up a few tribal type symbols and quilted those in the borders..for rain, lighting, sun..that type of things…then the rest is embellishing the fabric and panel. Sally does such a beautiful work…and she rises to every challenge! Honestly, I am so blessed to work with people all over the world..but also to have such a fantastic team of people to work with me.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

One thought on “Boy Scouts ……Eagles Scouts and quilts.

  1. So incredible….sally did such a great job enhancing the panel… You girls make me look good!
    Thanks and have a wonderful holiday

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