Boxed Ferns

Pat sent this quilt. Isn’t it beautiful?IMG_6519

Love the fabric choices. all of those brown & blue batiks. I have always loved this color combo. IMG_6518 IMG_6523

It’s a mix of rail fence type blocks and a frame. IMG_6525 IMG_6526

I used the placement of the pieced block as my guide for the ferns in a cross hatch type design…I love the effect those make. You can see them really well on the back. IMG_6522 IMG_6523

I quilted swirls in the brown frame..and then mixed the two for the center block to create a sun…or maybe a sunflower? Whatever suits. IMG_6520

I always feel like batik fabrics give an “earthy” type feel so I like to keep those elements in the quilting. IMG_6527

If you only knew how long it took me to get these photos. If my neighbors were watching today …I just know they were laughing. It was so windy out today and the quilt kept flying up..and even away. I had to chase it across my front yard. So I did the best I could. IMG_6521


Thanks again Pat!

It was a pleasure working with you again. 🙂IMG_6524

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