Botanical Navaho Rose


Mike made this quilt. It’s so beautiful.

This is a popular quilt in my area because the pattern designer is also my LQS owner. You can find the pattern here.

I have seen this in pretty much every style you can imagine from civil war, Christmas, musical, beach, western ect. It’s probably been the quilt I have quilted most in my career…..honestly. It’s that popular around here….I have also made 3 of them myself. ( maybe an extra …I can’t remember) It was the first quilt I ever made on point. 🙂


Mike chose beautiful batiks and that border fabric just makes my heart sing. I think that was chosen first and then everything was chosen to compliment that one fabric. Pretty fabulous.

IMG_2018 IMG_2019Look at all of those roses…..eye candy.

So for quilting I wanted to keep the designs oraganic to match the theme of the fabrics.

So I quilted a fern in the border, leaves in the sashings and l’s in the side setting triangles. Continuous curves and Charisma curls finish it off.

IMG_2016It was a beautiful project to start off my first day back at work. 🙂 Now this has to go to Beth for Binding before it will be shipped back to Mike.

IMG_2022Here’s the back:

IMG_2020 IMG_2021Thanks Mike! Always a pleasure working with you! xoxox



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