Bonny’s Victorian Ladies

Bonny is ( or was) a quilt instructor….and I can tell. Her quilt is just beautiful!IMG_7193

I love these 30’s prints, the embroidery & applique. All of the details & perfect stitches. Just perfect.

Bonny asked for more traditional quilting and no heavy quilting. She wanted to hand quilt this. Hand quilting is so much different than long arm quilting. I appreciate both….I send out my hand quilting. 🙂IMG_7192 IMG_7188 IMG_7187

So I hope I was able to meet somewhere in the middle and meet her vision. I love the finish. We have had a few phone calls and planning.  Stipple behind the ladies, leaves and feathers in the borders.    Continuous curves in the squares & little 4 petal flowers by way of continuous curves for the setting blocks. IMG_7189 IMG_7191

It’s that time of year again that I have to take pictures inside. Difficult to get good lighting & angles on those larger quilts……but I think you can get an idea of how I quilted it. IMG_7186

And here is the back: IMG_7185

Thanks Bonny! It’s a pleasure working with you!


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