Blue Wool Pennies

While I was in England I started this project. Even though I only had a back pack to fit in 3 weeks worth of clothing I knew I would have to take a hand embroidery project. I had plenty of time on planes, trains and automobiles….not to have something to work on. I also had plenty of time in hotel rooms ect that I just enjoyed working on my needle work.


I took only blue threads to challenge myself ( blue is kind of my least favorite color….I mean there isn’t a color that I don’t like….but I find that I am not “attracted” to blue as much. I use it when I need to..but it’s not my “go-to”) but also to keep it simple. I knew I couldn’t haul a bunch of different colored threads…so I needed to keep it simple.

I am also not “IN LOVE” with this penny project. I actually have another blue penny project started and I think I am going to add red threads….just to change it up and maybe I will like it a bit better. I also don’t know how creative I felt about these pennies. I didn’t think about them a whole lot and I just worked on them here and there. Most of them were done during the trip to England.

I have a few friend that I think I could gift this too….:)


I hope you all have a super fabulous day! I am finishing up a quilt and working on a few projects. I am also going to start doing some more videos ect. It’s time to get back into routine. It’s been awhile. 🙂


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