Blooming 9 Patch

I have always loved this quilt ( I have the book) ..I have seen this done in several different colors and fabrics.

2015_7_13 008

Lori sent this one and I LOVE*LOVE her fabric choices…( of course..I always love her fabrics) and the color way ….just makes you feel like you are in a summer garden.

2015_7_13 013I wanted to create designs in layers on the quilt …because that’s what the pattern does….so I wanted to bring out each area. I quilted featehrs, sweet Pea vines, flowers and l’s to frame it all in.

2015_7_13 012IN the center area I was just making a feather to take up the space and realizes it’s an “S” which is perfect because Lori’s last name starts with an “S”. Kind of meant to be.

2015_7_13 009See how perfect that is?

2015_7_13 010 2015_7_13 011Pretty much in love with this quilt. 🙂

Here is the back:

2015_7_13 007Thanks Lori! always a pleasure to work on your quilts.




One thought on “Blooming 9 Patch

  1. I love how you quilted this…. The S in the center is perfection! My love of feathers and the S ..just awesome. You really blended the blocks perfectly… You did this quilt top proud!!!! Congrats on your spectacular work.

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