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Well I think you can all relate to this. You know how when your husband leaves town…something bog goes wrong …like the car breaks down. Or the plumbing goes out? Something bad always happens when you can’t fix it. well last week Mike ( my IT guy) was on a cruise. So I ran some updates because my side bar said I needed them. Yeah!

Well after those updates nothing worked. It was driving me CRAZY! I couldn’t load wouldn’t see my media. I kept getting error messages…and I couldn’t post. WHAT!????

So now he is back….he got me up and running and I am way behind on photos. So I will try and get you all updated.

I have had a busy week…but I also had some fun. I think some summer colds are going around here. Rob has been working so much and not getting a lot of rest…so his immune system isn’t working. I hit a wall Friday night and fell asleep around 5:30 didn’t wake up until Saturday morning. I think I was up for a little while at one point….but fell right back to sleep. Saturday we did our grocery shopping and then made a date for the fair. I have been making good choices with my diet and what not but I decided if I was going to go to the fair I would have to let that go for an evening. I have to say that I was pretty worthless when i got home. I felt like I had a bowling ball in my gut and I again rested that night.  I ate a fajita, some curly fries, and kettle corn( my favorite!) and a space burger. Any clue as to why I was in pain? The space burger isn’t like a real burger…it’s a local thing and its a cross between a taco and a sloppy joe. It’s weird and a popular thing a round here. I hadn’t had one in a few years….and I remember why. I don’t much care for them. Rob and Carl LOVE them. I looked at the quilts….which is the primary reason I ever go to the fair. I had quilted quite a few….but not as many as past years. I also have to admit there were not very many entered. But one I quilted did take best in category and one of the champions. That’s a feather in my cap. 🙂

Then Sunday we had a guest pastor because our Pastor is in Haiti right now. She gave a great sermon. I went straight home and the boys arrived 30 minutes later. After we caught up…for all of an hour maybe? They were bouncing the basketball, chasing their sister around the house and asking to check in with their friends. I did round them up for a pizza dinner. YAY! It’s so nice to have them back. I filled them all in on the sister drama and the stuff at church. They have the same reaction they always have. We talk about everything in this house. We try to keep everything very open and honest. Jeri did come by for a few hours on Saturday…it wasn’t pretty. But she did come by on Sunday and visited with her siblings as well. Which is nice. She has a lot of work to do if she wants to repairs these relationships…but I don’t know that she is prepared or ready to do the work. First would be to quit lying and start thinking about others.  But I don’t say anything…I wanted her to enjoy her Sunday visit.

I read a whole book on Sunday. Start to finish. It was really good. The book is 


You can find it here.

Rhoda also wrote a prequel to this book called  I just ordered it so I can read it. They are independent… you can read them out of order. Or you can read them in order.

Anyway Does this church make me look fat made me laugh, cry and warmed my heart. Honestly….it’s Rhoda’s memoirs and thoughts. I swear it’s almost like a running blog. I loved her journey of transformation. How she became saved, got baptized and compared her Mennonite roots to Pentecostal religions. They are far from each other…and even some of the Pentecostal   services she describes would make me scratch my forehead. I try really hard to be OK with things..if I understand the message. But I know I am conservative. So If I came from as much of a conservative stance as her..I think that I would have run for the hills. But she talks about everything…her path to healing after a cancer diagnosis, a new love and marriage,  faith, hope, love, and discipline. It’s written in a funny way… she is talking to you as her best friend & and you are sitting over a cup of tea. She is just telling you from her point of view…..and about her trials and triumphs. I relate to that and I give this book a big Thumbs up! If you are a squishy like will love it. If you want suspense or mystery…not so much.

Today was a day of errands….Carl had a drive in Moses Lake, so that took a couple of hours, I was working with Bryce in the yard, finished a quilt..YAHOO! and we are helping take care of our Pastor’s son while he is away….His mommy works during the day and his daddy usually takes care of him. So we are filling in.I had a date with a friend….and bible study. Needless to say not much work got accomplished. But that’s completely fine.

I hope you all have a wonderful night!

See ya in the AM with some photos.





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