Black & White Daisies

Sylvia sent 3 quilts. This is the first of the three and my favorite!

I know many of us have seen this pattern before..but she chose black & white fabrics with a pop of color here and there. It’s fabulous! I love it and I have never seen this version before.

I am forced to take photos in my house….which isn’t the greatest situation. But we have been hit with an unusually large amount of snow, freezing rain ect.

So I am trying my best to get a good picture of the quilting. I chose to echo around half of the daisies and then a different texture in the other half to break it all up and give it textures.

You might be able to see them on the back a bit better:


Thanks Sylvia! I am so glad they arrived safe & sound.

Many blessings


2 thoughts on “Black & White Daisies

  1. Beautiful black and white quilt.
    I enjoyed the recent videos of the penny wall hanging.
    A number of years ago I finished a very old crazy quilt that was all wool. Someone gave me some silk bobbins of a variety of colors. Do you use silk for your hand work or do you know of anyone who would use it?
    I love the feel of it and it works up beautifully but know that I probably won’t be using it again.
    I have been reading about the weather this year in Ephrata and Moses Lake. Reminds me of the 60’s when I was going to school in Moses Lake. Crazy winters some years.

  2. Hi Heather, I actually use silk sometimes…I bought several colors ect.
    I would love to see your crazy quilt. I have some blocks that have been started …I just need to finish them. But I find it a bit daunting.
    The weather this year has been crazy. This is by far the worst winter I have experienced since living here. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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