Black Eyed Susans


So this project…..I can’t even tell you how old the idea is…..I mean as far as when I bough the pattern and decided I loved the quilt so much I would make it…I would say at least 9 years. I think I went to a quilt shop ( not my quilt shop…a different one) and saw a flimsie that someone else had made of this quilt. But I want to say she used green backgrounds and pink flower petals ect. I just knew I had to have this quilt. { It was a real pressing emergency at the time…right? since it is just now finished 9-10 years later, right? Good grief! LOL}


So I went to my LQS and bought the pattern when I saw it (I think the shop I had first seen it in was sold out). It is a Quilt Smart pattern. You can purchase it here.



But if your quilt shop carries quilt smart they just may have the pattern and foundations. I love the quilt smart products….I have used them several times. I actually forget to look at them when I need an idea for something…and then remember after the fact. *darn*




So last November-December when I was going through my stash looking to see if I could actually make it a year without having to buy any fabrics (would I have enough? would I get bored with my stash? will it keep me busy….hahahahahaha! Now we all know the answers to those questions).  I started sorting and figuring out projects. I came across a pile of “Scraps” from a bargello I had made for my Mother in Law years ago before picture & blogging days. It is still one of my most favorite quilts…..and I was one of the only people in the class who has chosen different fabrics from the sample and it turned out so lovely.  A little tidbit about myself that has remained the same after all of the years.



So my scraps were all put together in a bridge of color that I needed for my bargello…it just took me so long to pick them out at the time..that I couldn’t bear to separate them or put them in the scrap bin…..and they were cuts of fabric still. So I decided to use them for this quilt. I did have to add some backgrounds to make those stretch….and you can see that this fabric is old and a bit dated….but I have to say I still love it. I really do.  All of the darker leftovers I used for points on my 2 “Road to Stardom”  (RTS) quilts here.  So I have officially used all of those scraps now….well actually last year ….but I am just now getting all of those projects quilted. 🙂 as you can see I also used the same border print in one of my RTS. It was something I had in my stash that worked out perfectly with those fabrics. Funny how that happens.

IMG_0789 IMG_0790 IMG_0791


So I quilted it with Charisma Curls, and I just had to sew around the foundation pieces as I went along..I used a gold metallic thread because many of my backgrounds had gold in them, as well as my border print. I framed it all in with a feather. Then I went back through with a black thread to sew down the center of each flower. The whole flower and center are foundation-appliqued. I used a piece of fabric from my stash with roses on it for the backing. The colors went well even if the flower isn’t the same. Quite frankly I was using stash…so I can’t be real matchy-matchy when it comes to type of flower. 🙂 or it may never be finished. I like finishes.


So another bucket-list item done and checked off of the list. Don’t worry as fast I I mark them off I add about 20. LOL

Have a great day!

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