Well today is Friday so I had my normal breakfast meeting with my quilting friends…That’s always yummy. Sabrina (my shopping twin) is here quilting. I have 6 kids quilts that need to be quilted before Christmas…so she is here helping me get those completed.

While Virgina was here this week..she gave me some ideas on posting photos of my you will get bit’s and small snipets of my studio until the Christmas season is over and I can clean and straighten it..then you can all see what my whole studio looks like.

Sound good?

Here is one little section that I love….The jar of buttons was given to me by someone special from my church. She is a God-fearing kind hearted women who got rid of her quilting stash. I had helped her sell some stuff and this jar of buttons was in her yard sale. I picked them up ( Well Darlene gave them to me) because a friend of mine collects them ( Sabrina actually) …but I thought they were so cute and i like to have that reminder of Darlene in my sewing area. The fabric bundles are by one of my favorite fabric Designers, Tula Pink. The birdie pin cushion is from Laura. Laura always makes the best quilts I think her and I have such similar style. Anyway I quilted a quilt for her and it won ribbons so as a thank you she sent me this beautiful pin it gets a place of honor on my favorite little shelf. I also have a picture of my family,my brother, Nathan and his partner Robert, and one of my Bestie’s Carla last summer when we went on the Duck Tour in Seattle. It was so much fun and really a highlight of our last trip. So here is one little shelf in my Studio.


I also made this quilt for my Friend Carla….You know one of my Besties??

She is in Florida right now and she was able to pet a giraffe this morning…Pretty Amazing right? She is visiting a friend ..who just had her baby, Evander. This was a quilt we made for him. Courtney and Carla Constructed it..I quilted it and Beth bound it. Isn’t that called “Synergy” I using that term correctly? LOL . Yeah a fancy word for Team work!

I made this For Evander’s Older sister a couple years ago. Her name is Sophia.


Well I better go check on Sabrina….I have more picturs to post later.

Have a blessed day!




2 thoughts on “Bit&Pieces

  1. Hi Sweetie, glad things are going well…I motivated to day and cleaned some,,,went to dinner with Julie and went by my daddys house visited and got all of his dirty clothes and cleaned his place…(he usually takes his clothes to the wash house and pays ) but he likes me to do his sheets cause they SMELL SO GOOD when I do I got everything to bring home and wash for him..he just grins. Julie said papa you sure handle that better than grannie did she would say ma was old eagle eye and that I was such a pain always picking and seeing what was wrong (OCD) never meant to bother her just wanted to help cause she could not see…I would have to pay someone to clean hers because it offended her for me to do it…big diference in a man and a….daddy just told Julie shoot I love for eagle eye to come and just wiz thru and it is good to go…takes me a week to do what she does in 2…So I made myself get my self back on the road to getting better….for today anyway…blessings and hugs T

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