Birdie Stitches & Love

OK so I have been really behind in posting pictures…I have been trying to catch up this week.

I have been quilting for sure….I just have not been blogging as regularly. I missed a few days here & there. I felt like I had been playing catch up in August. I usually try to plan ahead and map out my posts. I got behind and never found my groove again. But it’s a new month and I am going to get back into routine. Kids are back in school and it good for routine.

I am also going to sign up for a pottery class at my local community college. It’s 10 weeks and weekly. I am really bad about committing to anything that takes so much time. But I really want to branch out and learn something new.Β  It’s good to broaden my horizons.

So I didn’t post a Fabric Fast stat last week…but there are a few things I can add. πŸ™‚ So I will add them on this Sunday’s post.

But the first one is Birdie Stitches. I had this saved from 2012 when Little Miss Shabby started it. But I just didn’t start it…until a month ago. I know it was a month ago because I have been posting each block on IG as I finished. It only took me a month to hand embroider 12 blocks. That may be a record for me…I am just saying. In fact I think my version should be called “Gilmore Chickies” because I embroidered them as Clarissa & I watched Gilmore Girls. We are almost done with the series….I will be really sad to see this show come to the end because I really like the series. We have been getting them from Netflix.Β  So I did get a few pictures last weekend…not very good ones because the wind was not cooperating with me. But I figured after I got it quilted I would share more pictures…and they will be better ones.:)

Anyway this is a free pattern. You can get it here, On Little Miss Shabby’s site.



I of course only used stash….and many of the strips were scraps from other projects. I just pulled them from my 2.5 inch strip bin. I actually think I could make another one of these quilts……I just love these little birdies. I also have this weird thing of not having stray pieces of thread hanging around….so most of the threads I used were just scraps of thread from other projects….I had this personal goal toΒ  get that thread ball down to nothing…..I almost got there. Seriously. I am weird like that. So the colors of thread were really dictated by what I already had scraps of. πŸ™‚


I also used scraps for the sashings….There is one fabric on the inside..but didn’t have enough to frame it all in before adding a border…so that was another fabric.

IMG_9928 IMG_9929

I had just enough of that border fabric…..I have been hoarding that for some time. I can’t remember where I got it…but my LQS didn’t get that print in that color…so when I saw it..I just had to have it…and now it has a home. This is just a feel good project for me. I think joining The needle & thread Society at my LQS has really ignited my love of embroidery again. I used to embroider all of the time…I just didn’t sit down for several years long enough to pick it up again….but now my kids are older, my work is managed better and it seems to suit my life again. That’s the good stuff.

I also got this pieced. The Love quilt. You can buy the pattern here.




The reason I decided to go ahead and make this quilt after I made Hope……is because while quilting Hope I realized I had a vision for Love.

I am going to quilt a cross….and Love will be at the center…and rays of light will be coming from the cross/love. I am also going to add a few more details….I am hoping I might get to that this coming weekend…depending on my work load. πŸ™‚

I need to get some backings ready…and get these quilted. πŸ™‚








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