Bird Houses

This is a pattern by McKenna Ryan. Jill made this in pastel colored Batiks. It’s beautiful. She fused them and asked me to quilt over the pieces….so they would stay in place…I do that with my ow quilts frequently.IMG_4399

It turned out lovely. IMG_4408 IMG_4407 IMG_4406 IMG_4405

You can find the pattern here It’s a beautiful pattern.IMG_4404 IMG_4403 IMG_4402

Jill always does a great job piecing her quilts. IMG_4401 IMG_4400

I used a legacy 80/20 batting. IMG_4409

Thanks so much Jill!


3 thoughts on “Bird Houses

  1. Thank you so much. Charisma! You worked your magic again! The quilting is just stunning and really enhances my quilt!! I can’t wait to get it on my wall in my sewing nook where I can admire it for hours each day!! Thanks so much again! You always come through far beyond expectations!! Jill

  2. y’all BOTH did a great job! i do love me some batiks! C, your leaves & swirlies are just PERFECT to accent all the details.

  3. This one is Remarkable….I just love love the colors and the quiltiing is awesome….I would love to make one of these. Beautiful.

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