Big-Mini Block Sampler

I have no idea what the name of this quilt is. 🙂

Mary sent this…she made it for her daughter for Christmas…it’s a mega sampler. The quilt is a HUGE king sized quilt…made from maybe 5 or 6 inch blocks? wowa!! How beautiful.


I wish I could have gotten better pictures. due to deadlines I have to ship quilts out quickly and the sunlight was not cooperating. 🙂

034I quilted all over Charisma Curls.

035Mary made the whole quilt from start to finish with batiks. Which are beautiful & colorful.

038 037 039 041Look at all of the variety….just lovely.

042Some borders using the leftovers ( I assume) I love to do that too.

043I got an email that she has already got the binding on and it’s ready for Christmas. 🙂

Glad I could be a small part of that. Pleasure to work with you, Mary.

Many blessings on the holiday season!


5 thoughts on “Big-Mini Block Sampler

  1. Wow! What a labor of love. This is so pretty and the quilting is wonderful, as usual. Lucky daughter, now has an heirloom quilt.

  2. I love, love, love what Charisma was able to do to make my quilt “sparkle”! She does such a wonderful job! Thank you again Charisma!

  3. My goodness….what work went into this absolutely beautiful quilt!! And, what a thrill it would be to receive it for Christmas. Her daughter is in for a real treat.

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