Bible Studies….and some thoughts…er I mean Crumbs.

Well Just an update….Monday nights is Women’s bible study which I have been going to for awhile…We (Rob and I) just started going to a study on Tuesday nights as well.
Rob is being convicted ( by the Holy Spirit) to get out more and socialize because that is really his weak spot. It’s difficult for him….and a few Sundays ago our pastor gave a sermon on “Cold Love”…….Well My DH is one of those who will isolate himself and not go out into the world and love on God’s people… he is taking baby steps to mingle…starting with Bible study. He didn’t make it to the men’s breakfast as planned..He/we had a bad morning on Saturday and he didn’t go. Maybe he will try again in 2 weeks.
So all I ask is for prayers that he conquer this fear and start making friends…He is a good man and he needs to be with people. LOL So everyone else can know.

I feel like I have been absent for so long..I have been reading my proverbs ladies…so I will give an update in the next few days this weeks is 10-12.

I have been having a rough couple of days…week(s) I can’t even describe really what is wrong…..just down. stress….wondering which direction my life will take after the holidays. I keep asking God to reveal it to me because my feeble mind can’t figure it out. So I am asking for patience and direction.

Last night we got home just in time for me to watch Micheal Buble’s Christmas Special. Oh….he is so dreamy! LOL I mean he is cute but his voice is just so beautiful….It was a nice special. I already bought his Christmas CD earlier this year… I knew many of the songs.

I also watched Biggest loser last was the marathon Episode ( I thought of you Mellie)….it is always so inspirational to see that! It makes me want to jump out of bed and start running! But I didn’t. I have been gaining weight by the bucket full trying to figure out my issues….I need to really start a program….but I will fail if I don’t get my emotions under control….at least I am sleeping that should help. Small steps right?

I used to work with a gal who was very heavy and she had lost around 135 pounds doing a no carb diet. I ran into her 2 times within the last two weeks she has gained most of it back. I didn’t say anything or acknowledge it ( it doesn’t matter does it?..she is a good person)…but I can’t imagine the havoc that is playing on her psyche…I really just need to avoid that. I would rather stay fat until I figure out my issues than lose the weight and gain it all back..I know myself to well and how that will just eat me alive….so I made a counseling appointment instead. Hopefully I can sort out a few things for myself.

Other than that I am quilting….quilting..quilting. I will catch up with all of you later….Have a blessed day.

One thought on “Bible Studies….and some thoughts…er I mean Crumbs.

  1. I am right there with you girl…I have gained 25 lbs since mom died and don went to work…I find myself eating until i am sick…ugh…. I just try not to be to hard on myself as julie says ” mom anything you do right now is NORMAL”…I always worry you know coming from abuse we are never good enough. Can’t find any hints on the ice Love you sister..T

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