Before Christmas Chores

Hi Everyone,

It’s the day before Christmas Eve. We have been running around getting last minute details done and getting house in order.

We are taking time to spend together.

Yesterday was Kenny’s Birthday. Kenny is Bryce’s BFF. He is here for part of the Christmas break. He heads back the day after Christmas. I am glad they have gotten to maintain their relationship even though Kenny’s family moved. So all the guys from the group have been getting together to spend time with him while he is here. But we took him to lunch for his birthday after church. We also went to Petco to pick up doggie supplies.

Gracie has had to learn the hard way that Merle is the pack leader. It was rough and her & us….:(. But we knew it had to happen so that she would submit. he didn’t hurt her…but he did show her who was boss a few times. She is so funny because she is picking up on his vocal habits. If he doesn’t want you to stop petting him he will bark. If you are petting him in a particular spot he likes he makes these funny moaning noises…..and he will paw at you if you even think about stopping. So now she is starting all of that. She also acting like a mischievous child. When he leaves the room she takes his bone to hide it. Then runs back to sit in the same spot she had with her bone and acts like nothing happened. He’s so funny…he just looks at her and goes outside looking for his bone. He finds it and brings it back. Good sport!

Merle’s foster parents said he likes to sleep outside. I was weary of that because my dogs don’t sleep outside. We have never stopped him from going outside if he wants to….but he has had no problem sleeping inside. So I think that’s all fine. He sleeps through the night and he is comfortable. Someone has been sleeping with them every night….with no issues. I have to say that I am really glad we have him now.

The guys think his name should be “One Eyed Willie” you know, from Goonies? Becaase Merle is blind in one eye. That would be cute. But he already knows his name. So Merle it is. It seemed odd to say that name at first…but I actually think it suits him now and I have gotten used to it. I have never heard a Merle Haggert song. I am just thankful his name isn’t Conway or Twitty. My parents listened to that ALL the time when I was kid. Needless to say….I really don’t want to hear any of that again. LOL So there is no associated memories with Merle. hehe.

Rob is touching up trim & door paint. I went to the laundry mat and washed all of the big bedding. I cleaned our bedroom after Rob folded all the laundry.  Preston is working on all of the laundry….and the rest of the bedding. Clarissa & I finished wrapping the gifts. Clarissa & I also worked on the food items we could make ahead of time. Preston & I worked on Chex mix. We made a huge tub. 🙂 The kids are working on their chores. We are trying to figure out how we are going to arrange everything for games & set up food. On the list is also giving Gracie a bath. Thank goodness that is not my chore. 🙂

Carl cleaned the refrigerator. It’s so pretty!

I am getting into studio after not being in there for almost a week….and trying to get a last minute Christmas quilt done for a friend. 🙂

Everything is coming together. 🙂 We have taken some family time. Watched some movies. Spent some time talking & sharing. Those are actually my favorite times.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve I hope you all have safe Travels….and remember the reason for the Season! Jesus Birthday!



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