Bears and Pin Wheels

Joylynn sent this quilt ….she has a new baby due to arrive soon in her family.

How cute are these little guys?

001She asked me to leave a borer she could add prairie points after it arrives back home. That’s going to give it just a little more whimsy & fun! I love prairie points….but I am not a fan of adding them to quilts myself. lol.

002 003I quilted swirls, continuous curves, loops and L’s. It’s a classic quilt with classic designs.

004 005Thanks Joylynn! It’s been a pleasure working with you!

Have a great week! Many blessings on the new bundle of joy!


3 thoughts on “Bears and Pin Wheels

  1. How adorable. Pardon my ignorance, but what are “prairie points”? I love the pattern of this baby quilt…..and of course the work done on it is incomparable! (Both the piecer and the quilter!)

  2. Super cute! I thought the prairie points go on an outside edge. The little pinwheels the bears are holding are so adorable!

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