Be My Neighbor

Bear Creek quilting and Moda released another  free block of the week QAL at the end of 2016 and I have a soft spot for house quilts. I truly do. I have been piecing house blocks and collecting house patterns since the beginning of my quilt experience.

I needed another QAL project like I needed a hole in my head ..but I couldn’t help myself. So I participated.

I just used scraps from my stash along the way. So it’s not the most beautiful Bee my Neighbor quilt that I have seen out there in the blogosphere. But I am happy with it.

So I decided to quilt all over clam shells upside down to look like roof shingles…it goes with the whole theme of the houses…and I didn’t want to go to great detail to quilt it because it’s just a scrappy that I had fun making. If I had planned everything and sunk a ton of thought into it I would have custom quilted it. Or if I thought it would hang on the wall I would have custom quilted it. But the reality of it is …it’s probably going to sit on a rack or in a pile in my home…until I give it away. Or I could sell it in my ETSY shop. I am thinking about it. I like it enough not to give it to a stranger or away….but it needs to go to someone who will love it and take care of it…know what I mean? Or if I sell it I know someone liked it enough to buy it.

Glad to have a finish! So early in the year!

I was hoping I could have moved and possibly had new or the same neighbors in a different order..LOL. But it isn’t happening for me.

Oh well! Happy days!


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