Batiks Rectangled

Annette made this quilt top with maybe some Jelly roll batiks?….at least a few 2.5 inch strips. IMG_8275

I could spot out the block & how it’s all put together….which makes a nice arrangement…IMG_8277

I of course went with a nice fern, continuous curves and swirls. Kind of tropical… feel. IMG_8276

I am thinking maybe scraps were used for the border..she is crafty like that. Love that!IMG_8274

Here’s the back. IMG_8278

It is difficult to get photos….it’s been gray here. I was on my deck and the sun just started peaking through…see here: IMG_8270

Isn’t that pretty on the other hill?


Thanks Annette….I am getting them done one at a time. I hope you love them all….but most importantly…that you have a fabulous vacation!

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