Batiks at Their Best

Laurie loves Batiks…she doesn’t like scrap quilts. She likes order ….and can’t handle random. I love everything…I can appreciate both sides of the coin. But she decided to stretch herself and make a scrappy. WOWZA! It is stunning!

Please don’t share this & tag Laurie on Fb…she doesn’t want her son to see the quilt before the wedding. There are several WOMBATS that know her adn maybe have seen progress on this quilt…so just a note. 🙂IMG_7998

She used all lots of her batik scraps and made a wedding quilt for her son & his bride…wedding is this summer. I think she has been waiting for this day to come for quite some time. I think I remember quilting a Christmas gift for this lady that she was hoping would be her future daughter in law a few years ago. 🙂  IMG_7999 IMG_8000

This is a Judy Niemeyer pattern. You can never go wrong with a JN pattern. They are all beautiful. Laurie likes Paper piecing….so that is a great thing because we traded her skills for mine. 🙂IMG_8003


What makes a quilt fabulous is the details. All the little details. Laurie had told me she kind of wanted a few things included because it was a wedding quilt.





and just general quilting designs. I tried to include everything she requested without it taking over or competing with the dynamic design. I think it turned out lovely.  It makes it personal and beautiful. IMG_8004 IMG_8005 IMG_8006

And a stonehenge backingIMG_8007


This second quilt she requested a sea theme. She is going to do some further embellishing when it gets home but she wanted seaweed, a fish and some shells quilted to make a scene. I love that! I love thinking outside of the box and creating something far different than what you initially see with a pattern. IMG_7992

The colors are soft & beautiful. IMG_7993 IMG_7994 IMG_7995 IMG_7996

And a pieced backing IMG_7997




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