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Every Sunday I am trying to post something that I have completed out of my “to be quilted” bin. That bin is full and I really need to get it more manageable. Not to mention I need to feel like I am accomplishing some of my own projects so I don’t feel like I am only “working” all of the time. I know it seems crazy. But when your job is doing something you love…I want to feel like I am actually getting something done on my own list as well. The thing is that it is getting more and more difficult to complete something of my own when my work piles up…it’s that time of year…Christmas is just around the corner.

750I have a friend who is a pattern designer …Deb Grogan over at Quilt Factory.

And she asked a few of us to test some patterns back when she started. My Friend Jenn volunteered and she made this quilt just using her stash ( she loves Batiks) and when she was finished she gave it to me because she didn’t have a plan for it. I put it in my “To be quilted” bin….and thought when I quilt it I will donate it.

751 752 753 754

I was having some issues with Venus ( my machine) several weeks back and I needed a quilt to test her out after rob had worked on her and this was a perfect quilt to load on the frame. So it was a test quilt from beginning to end. It was small enough and it had the right design to test the curves ect to make sure she was working properly.


You can see the quilting designs better from this angle. This will be going to a charity. So if you have something in mind please let me know. It’s lap or crib size…and if you have a need that needs to be filled I will gladly pass it along.


756Many Blessings



3 thoughts on “Batik Tester

  1. Amazing what your eye can see! Such a humble design, transformed into stunning by the stitches you’ve applied!!

  2. Wow…from pretty colors and interesting pattern to spectacular. Your vision and beautiful work brings a simple quilted top to life.

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