Batik Sampler

My dear friend Donna made this quilt. It’s an old UFO that she finally cleared out of her studio. IMG_7691

I didn’t know Donna was even capable of having UFO’s. LOL She is my left brain friend. She and I have been friends for 10 years now. We have shared many things and been to a few Christian & quilting retreats together. We have lunch every week. At one of those Christian retreats there was an analysis of personalities as compared to animals. It’s by Gary Smalley. The groups are the Lion, golden retriever, beaver & otter. as they explained them you were to identify with one of the groups.  Isn’t it funny how when you do something like that all of your friends identify you? Anyway Donna was the beaver……I was listed as an otter…but I had many qualities of a few……so I had to let her decide which group to categorize.  So we always joke about that with each other.    IMG_7692

Anyway despite our age difference, personality differences and what not we are great friends. I am blessed to have her. 🙂

I have to tease her about this block though……all the points are cut off on the star? I have to say she is a perfect piecer. We all call her the “quilt police” So there must have been an issue with the pattern…that’s what I am guessing. IMG_7693

A photos of a few of the blocks:

IMG_7694 IMG_7695 IMG_7696 IMG_7697

I quilted all over ferns. I have learned that Donna tends to like all over designs best. : I think the even coverage and letting her work take center stage is the best. IMG_7698

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